Congratulation to Fu Li for getting his paper published in IEEE UFFC! The USCT breast phantom dataset is now publicly available on Harvard Dataverse.

Ultrasound computed tomography (USCT) is an emerging imaging modality for breast imaging that can produce quantitative images that depict the acoustic properties of tissues. Computer-simulation studies, also known as virtual imaging trials, provide researchers with an economical and convenient route to systematically explore imaging system designs and image reconstruction methods. When simulating an imaging technology […]

PhD student Varun Kelkar presented in ICML 2021 on “Prior Image-Constrained Reconstruction using Style-Based Generative Models”.

Our new #ICML2021 paper talks about a new formulation of a classical problem, where a “prior image” is used to help solve highly ill-posed imaging inverse problems. Basically, we use StyleGANs and the style-separation it provides to measure the difference between the sought-after and the prior image, and then formulate a constrained optimization problem in […]