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1. OA-Breast Database

This database includes a collection of numerical optical and acoustic breast phantoms for use in medical imaging simulation studies, including photoacoustic imaging, ultrasonic imaging, diffuse optical tomography, etc.

2. Realistic 3D Numerical Breast Phantoms (NBPs) for USCT Breast Imaging

The first dataset consists of the 52 slices and corresponding simulated USCT data. The second dataset consists of four high-resolution 3D
NBPs, one for each breast type.

3. Wide-field Calcium Imaging Sleep State Database

This dataset consists of a collection of wide-field calcium imaging (WFCI) sleep and wake recordings collected from transgenic mice expressing GCaMP6f in excitatory neurons. Each mouse underwent a three-hour undisturbed WFCI recording session where wake, NREM and REM sleep was recorded. Each WFCI recording is manually scored by sleep scoring experts in 10-second epochs as wake, NREM or REM by use of adjunct EEG/EMG. The dataset contains annotated WFCI recordings, brain mask and the Paxinos atlas used for defining the brain regions. The dataset was collected as part of a study evaluating a deep learning-based automated sleep state classification method.